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Watch: We Are All Together Better

It's not just what we do, it's how we do it

Today’s consumers expect more than a delightfully delicious product. They want to see a commitment to making the world a better place and they expect that we’ll achieve that vision by working together.

We happen to know a great deal about the power of working together to create shared success. In fact, it’s the foundation on which our organization stands.

“Our new LAND O LAKES brand campaign, All Together Better, celebrates our farmer-owned cooperative and our belief in the value of working together for the common good,” says Chris Roberts, President, Dairy Foods and EVP, Land O'Lakes, Inc. “We believe good things happen when we all come together to make things better."

We tore down our fences.

Not the physical ones. We didn’t need our cows wandering aimlessly through the Minnesota countryside.

But the metaphorical ones that stood between us and our neighbors.

Because we believed that by working together, we could be better.

And we were right.


“We believe everyone has something to contribute,” says Tim Scott, Land O’Lakes Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “We are made stronger by our differences, empowered by unique experiences and viewpoints. All Together Better celebrates the power of ‘we’ to positively impact our products, our community and the world.”

Land O’Lakes, Inc. operates four diversified agribusinesses, driven by insights and innovation and we’re home to some very powerful and respected brands -- among them is LAND O LAKES, which is the primary brand of our dairy foods business.

For nearly 100 years the Land O’Lakes name has been synonymous with the highest quality dairy products and we’re proud that our diverse array of milk-based products and ingredients remain an icon in our nation’s kitchens and restaurants and a key ingredient to food manufacturers around the world.

In case you missed it, we kicked off this campaign with a wildly successful music video featuring our female farmers. Now we continue the campaign with the All Together Better video, which celebrates our shared values of inclusion, ingenuity and collaboration.